Gaia Evolution Spa

Facial Add -On Service $15.00

Microcurrent or LED $38.00


All Products used are natural derived and/or organic certified. Include gentle hand, neck massage or hand exfoliation in the 60 minutes facial and relaxing therapies. Skin analysis is included in the cost.

Botanical Detox Express Facial Package

Buy 3 Services for Only


Deeply purifying and detox facial routine balances stress skin packed with a natural/organic mask and ultrasound or skin scrub. 30min

Botanical Detox  Express Facial         30 min $65 

Deeply purifying and detox facial routine balances stress skin packed with a natural/organic mask and ultrasound skin scrubbing. Great for a party, date or just a night out. Make up will apply easier and last longer


Customized Enzyme Facial Package Buy 2 get the 3rd  Half Price    $222

Customized enzyme facial that fit your needs

Pomegranate Enzyme    60 min $89

Oily skin. It promotes deep hydration. Oily skin, antioxidant, Hydrates, Brightens, Lightens.

Pumpkin & Orange Enzyme      60 min $89

Resilient to Combination Skin. Antioxidant, packed with vitamins A and C to glow the skin. Resurface and Refine pores

Blue Berry Enzyme           60 min $89

Anti-Aging, mature skin. A powerful antioxidant Exfoliate and refine pores.

Coconut & Papaya Enzyme      60 min $89​ 

Rosacea, Dry, Rough and sensitive skin. Softens, exfoliate, Moisturizing

Gaia Signature Facial 80 min $139

Perfect for anti-aging and all skin types. Packed with Microdermabrasion (1 pass), Hydrodermabrasion (2 passes) and Jelly mask selected to fit your skin type. Hand and neck massage included

Back Facial      60 min $99​ 

All skin types. Natural therapy that acts on the 3 skin layers. Some benefits are; provide luminosity, cell revitalizing, oxygenation, toning, detoxifying, moisturizing.

Gaia Signature Package 

Buy 3 for Only   $329


Wine Therapy          60 min $115

Anti-Aging and Antioxidant. A powerful polyphenols antioxidant and anti-aging. Protect the skin from the ambient effects for all skin types. Indulge your senses naturally with a collagen enhancing, age defying facial. Enjoy a Free glass of Moscato

Chocolate Therapy     60 min $115

Lifting, lightening, hydrating Relaxing. Slip into relaxation while a dreamy Chocolate Souffle Masque works out the imperfections on the skin. Enjoy a Free glass of Moscato


Peel/ Package Buy 3 for Only          $298

Cranberry Turnover Organic Peel   60 min $119

Acne. Oily and acne skin – Inflamed and postural   acne. Resurfaces and refines the skin and pores, remove oil and debris, excellent antioxidant, and inhibits inflammation

Hyperpigmentation Peel   60 min $125

For hyperpigmentation skin, Sun damage

Glycolic Peel  60 min $125

All Normal, Oily, and Acneic Skin. Desquamates skin cell, exfoliates, soften, reduces keratinization, treat mild to moderate acne, minimizing pore size

Lactic Peel   60 min $125

Dry, Sun damage, and Hyperpigmentation Skin. Exfoliate, Soften, Hydrates, and lightens skin


Microdermabrasion/ Package Buy 3 for Only          $298

Removing all skin dead cells.

Microdermabrasion          60 min $139

Use of high-tech tips to rejuvenate dull, tired looking skin through exfoliation. This sloughs off the dead layers of skin at the levels of skin called the epidermis, improving the look of sun spots, acne scarring, fine lines and wrinkles. Due to the gentle irritation that us done intentionally. It also stimulates collagen formation at the lower level of skin called dermis.

Hydrodermabrasion / Package Buy 3 for Only          $298

All Skin Types; No discomfort or downtime, non-invasive and non-irritating

Hydrodermabrasion          60 min $139

Hydrodermabrasion procedure that combines cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration and antioxidant protection simultaneously. Packed with multivitamins and finishing with Hyaluronic acid.

Under Arm Hyperpigmented Skin          60 min $89

It is a treatment performed on under arm. Treats to removes dead skin cells, helps with hyperpigmentation- dark skin. Packed with Enzyme, High Frequency, Cryotherapy and Jelly Mask! It is recommended 2 days post under arm wax or the same day depending on your comfort level

Anti-Aging Facial / Package Buy 2 Get the 3rd Half Price         $497

Reduce fine lines & wrinkles. Packed with basic Microdermabrasion, Hydradermabrasion, Radio-frequency, Ultrasound, Micro-current and Cryotherapy

Anti-Aging Facial         80 min $199

Reduce fine lines & wrinkles. Anti-aging that works perfectly on Epidermis and Dermis (skin layers) to repair damaged skin and stimulate collagen and elastin production. Provide circulatory benefits and re-educate the muscles of the face. This service includes multivitamins, hyaluronic acid to penetrate into the skin. Packed with Micro-current, basic Microderm, basic Hydroderm, Radio Frequency, Ultrasound and ending with Cold Therapy


Reiki                            60 min $79

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction that also promotes healing. Based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient and restore physical and emotional well-being.

Chakra Balancing        60 min $95

This session includes Reiki , Crystals to help balance the energy, Biomagnetic  and Aromatherapy

Chakra Balancing Ionic Foot Bath              30 min $35

Benefits; Purging of Heavy Metals, Balance pH Level, Reducing Inflammation, Internal Cleansing with Fully Body Purge, Enhancing Inmune System. Detoxify the body through the skin

*Appointment Necessary for Any of These Services