​Gaia Evolution Group is a highly qualify professionals trained in several fields such as:

  • Cosmetologists (Hair Care Professionals)

  • Estheticians (Skin Care Specialists)

  • Reiki (Healing Energy Therapists)

Know more about us

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Gaia Evolution Group support all individuals to avoid the loss of its inner and outer beauty and as their own harmony. We believe that human beings deserve quality life in all aspects: physical, emotional and spiritual. Gaia Group always work though the evolution, innovation and renewal in all areas of our company.

Gaia Evolution project was created with the concept of rescue the use of Organic sources for skincare, haircare and complementing with wellness therapies.

We are always looking for continues improvement in all our services and areas through constant training of all our staff. Our Group believe that human beings would achieve their full potential through the emotional balance by unifying the Body, Soul and Spirit. That is why we have combined and offering to our clients’ various services to select the best preference.​​

Our Services

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Gaia Evolution Salon

Use an organic and non-organic line of hair care products such as: shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, hair treatments, relaxers, hair enhancers, etc. If our customer requires the use of any chemical during the service, they always be asked and informed before any treatment.

Gaia Evolution Spa

Offer a wide variety of services. Organics products and Non-organics for skin care are available. Our clients are always consulted and informed in the event of any skin care chemical treatment.

Our mission is to be the leader group highly qualified in the fields of Cosmetology, Skin Care, Healing Energy Therapies. Satisfying our client needs and exceeding their expectations providing an excellent customer service.
Our vision is to be the company chosen for its innovation, development and services through the expansion of human consciousness through the use of natural resources.

Our Facility


I'm pretty picky with hair stylists but I think I'll go back to Ernesto and company. He was efficient, professional, and friendly. I was able to chill out. My hair turned out great.

— Terra Smolkovich